“Be afraid…be very afraid.” Unless…

Connecticut Home Invasion Killer Claims To Have Murdered 17 People, According To Prison Letter | Fox News.

Crime comes in three categories: crimes of want, crimes of domination, and crimes of death. They are based in sin-twisted pride. Undeterred these crimes will cascade from one to another.

We want something we don’t have, so we steal it. Pride tells us we deserve it more than one who has it. It is our right to take it. We fear what will happen if we don’t have things. We want to be in control of our life and surroundings. It is our right to control. We are strong enough to take what we want. So we take it by force showing our superiority over whomever we take it from. We make them submit to our control. We fear when we don’t have control. Death is the ultimate showcase of power. The most powerful take the life of the weaker. It is our right to deny life. We take trophies to remind us of our power and authority over those we have proven weaker than us. We fear when we don’t have power.

Crime is committed by nations, groups, or in the case of the brutal torture and murders in Connecticut, individuals. This truth is proven daily across the world. The world says: “might makes right.” When all we have is this world we should fear. Ultimately we will not have, we will not control, and we will be overpowered. Death will take us kicking and screaming into the grave and our much-vaunted rights will be ripped away. No hope exists to save us…except one.

Scripture reflects the lack of hope. In the Book of Job (8:13) it says, “ So are the paths of all who forget God; and the hope of the godless will perish…” Yet almost the entire 12th chapter Luke’s Gospel declares the hope you can have. You will have, will not be controlled, will not be overpowered by death if you seek the grace of God. It was given to any who ask for it through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ. I do not fear of the things the world calls mighty. I have more than this world in His Grace.

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